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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Multiple Displays on Windows 7... Good, but...

I love the DisplayLink USB display adapters that let my piddling little tablet PC drive 4 1920x1200 external monitors.

However, many, umm, irregularities happen with Windows 7 support and/or the display or device drivers.

Earlier today, and for weeks if not months, I have been able ti have 5 displays - my laptop/tablet PC's built in LCD, and my 4 external displays.

However, I went into hibernation while travelling from home to work (where I did not use the PC) and back to home again.

And when I woke up, I cannot get my laptop built in display to work, when the external displays are plugged. Sure, it works when they are not plugged in; but when they are plugged in, the laptop built in display gets "blackened" in the Orientation box.

Just yet another Windows 7 strangeness.

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Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

5 days later: I find "Intel(R) Graphics and Media" on the control panel. (Used to appear in the Notification Area of the Task Bar - which may be one reason I did not find it for 5 days).

Used it to turn the laptop LCD on. Which is undoubtedly the display controlled by the Intel Graphics Adapter.

But doing this turned off the 4 external USB adapters.

Fortinately, going back to the standard Windows 7 "display resolution" dialog box allowed reenabling these.

Great! Back to 5 displays: laptop LCD plus 4 external.

Time elapsed: 5 days. I.e. I was subfunctional for 5 days.