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Friday, January 06, 2012

Gratuitous key position changes.

Was wondering why "search"  or "find" in Google chrome was broken.

Wasn't.  For the past week I was using a keyboard that was not my usual, with the keys in the lower left hand corner looking like Ctrl,Fn,...

Just switched back to what has been my usual keyboard for several months, with those keys swapped: Fn,Ctrl,...

It's funny how these trivial differences in devices are some of the most annoying.

Last time I shopped for keyboards, I bought 3 identical.  Not my favorite keyboard, but cheap enough that i could afford 3 of them.  Home, work, and Oceanside.

Yeah, yeah: remapping. Loses.

(The only good form of keyboard remapping is one that is downloaded into a PROM on the keyboard, so that it works in all modes, even before the OS boots.)

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