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Monday, January 02, 2012

Recovering diverged home directory version control

I have long version controlled my home directory.  CVS. Git. Hg.

Unfortunately, they diverged.  Divergence happens naturally with CVS.  You have to work hard to get git and hg to diverge, but I did.

Now I want to merge the diverged home directories back together.  Preserving the history if possible, from the different VCS.  Sometimes just merging fikes.


Today: I want to start merging a diverged linux tree, from a flash drive, with my working tree (which started off on cygwin).

I created a new hg repo, created a branch on it, and then imported the tree to be merged.

I pulled/pushed this with my main home hg repo.  Had to use -f, to force unrelated repos to be together.

Now I have a single repo, with my current working (cygwin derived, homedir, and a not working linux homedir, on different branches.  The former n the default branch.

That's okay.  Not so bad.  A single history object(although I have kept separate working space trees.)


Now I want to merge, a file or a few files at a time.

E.g. copy the README from the linux branch to the default working derived from cygwin branch.

AAARGH!!!!  Hg doesn't handle partials... neither merges, not copies, nor...  Hg just plain really wants to lose track, not make doing this activity easy.

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