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Thursday, February 09, 2012

PSON examples (possible)

Here some examples of notation.

BTW, why am I posting here instead of on wiki?  Mainly because it is quicker to post here than on my wiki.  Mediawiki is slow. Too many clicks.  In twiki I had comment mode. (TBD: install twiki on my webhost. Want ACLs.)

Anyway, examoples - of the PSON possible "copmpact" notation, andf then the correspondingly fully parehthesized version (although I may not use quotes, etc., everywhere):

a: b c d
a: [b,c,d]

a:b c d

a: b, c, d

a: b, c, d;

a: b c d, e f

a:b c:d e:f

a: b c:d

a: b c: d

a: b=c d=e f=g

a: b=c d e f=g


a: b=c d e f=g h:i

a: b c d
a: [b,c,d]

a b:c d

It seems a bit weird to have
a: b c d => a: [b,c,d]


x a: b c d => [x a:b,c,d]

Is this really what I want?

It seems to mean that label: at the beginning of a string means something different than in the middle.

a,b,c: d e,f
[a,b,c:[d e],f]

a,b, x c:d e,f

a,b,c:d e,f
[a,b,c:[d e],f]


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