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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Personal versus Version Control Log

I keep a log. ~/LOG. (Actually, I really need to keep a personal ~/LOG and ~/work/LOG, since the latter may belong to company. But thats another issue.) There is redundancy between my personal LOG and the log messages checked into a version control log. Like Mercurial, CVS, RCS, SVN, git. I often find myself writing similar messages into both mer version control log and my personal log. Cutting and pasting when I remember to. (Unfortunately, hg's integration with emacs' VC mode makes the cut and pasting a bit harder, since it removes the buffer in which the log message was being written as soon as checked in. Old RCS mode was more convenient, since it just pushed that buffer down in the stack, and I could easily go back and get the text. Not so hard to do an hg log and then cut5 and paste, but often too much hassle.) This is an example of the need for a multicast. Just like I sometimes want text to go to botyh my blog and my wiki, and USEnet comp.arch, and ... I also sometims want what I have written to go to version control log and personal ~/LOG (and maybe work ~/work/LOG, and ...) Cut and paste is okay if I weren't doing it so much. But since I do it so much I want something more convenient. How can I say it is tioo much hassle: because I often don't propagate stuff to all the logs I should.

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