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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sounds like a Fraudster Phone Call

I just received a phone call whose caller ID says "Credit Service", 11:59am, 1-701-661-1003.

Recorded message saying something like "This is your credit card company." Note: they did not say what company, just a generic phrase like "your credit card company".

Going on "There is no reason to be alarmed. You are eligible for a special reduction in interest rate to 6.9%. You must act quickly, because this special offer expires soon. Press 1 if you want to receive this special lower interest rate."

When I pressed 1, after some hold music, eventually I got what sounded like a human. He said something that again sounded, to my recollection, like "This is the charge department".

At this point I said "Hold on, you guys cold called me, so I need you to tell me what company you are, and how I can verify..." And they hung up.


Now, I must be careful, since I am reporting the exact caller ID as reported by my phone, including the phone number, but since my notes above as to what they and I said are only an approximate recollection.

I don't record all of my telephone calls. At least, not at this time.

If this was a legitimate business call, at the very least they exhibited bad customer service.

However, this is also exactly the sort of thing that a fraud operation might do: try to fool people into giving out account numbers over the phone, etc.


I wonder if there are an police systems to report this sort of thing to.

Oregon: http://www.doj.state.or.us/finfraud/engexplanation.shtml

Wish there was a national service.  FBI has a webpage, but looks like it is for actual fraud only, not suspicion.

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