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Friday, June 08, 2012

"Google Chrome to Phone" is not affiliated with Google???

I installed "Chrome to Phone" on my Android device, from the Google Play Store. At this store, Chrome to Phone is described as <<< Google Chrome to Phone Google Incorporated Top Developer >>> I installed the related Chrome extension from the Chrome web store: <<< Google Chrome to Phone Extension (3412)Fun from chrometophone-extension@google.com >>> However, when I try to click the link on the "Google Chrome to Phone" icon by the address bar of my browser, I get: <<< The Chrome To Phone application on your computer is requesting access to your Google Account for the product(s) listed below. Chrome to Phone (chrometophone.appspot.com) - not affiliated with Google If you grant access, you can revoke access at any time under 'My Account'. The Chrome To Phone application will not have access to your password or any other personal information from your Google Account. Learn more The application that directed you here claims to be "Chrome To Phone". We are unable to verify this claim as the application runs on your computer, as opposed to a website. We recommend you deny access unless you trust the application. >>> So, which is it? "Google Chrome to Phone" is not affiliated with Google? Or have I been hit by malware that is intercepting this? More likely, Google acquired the app, but did not update everything. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

It was written by a Google employee hence its semi-official nature.