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Sunday, June 03, 2012


I like keeping a manual log (journal or diary) as I go.

Logs want to be a meta-file concept.

E.g. I only want to edit and view one log.  I want to be able to track all of my work in a single place.

But, I also want to associate subsets of my overall log with particular projects.

E.g. I want to view log entries related to a project under ~/work/project/LOG.  But I want to view these, and all others, under ~/LOG.

Editing this in ordinary files sucks.  If I place it in a subdir/LOG I can't see it in ~/LOG, etc.

Suboptimal interactions with version control. I want version control for logs, but... Even if I am just working in projectdir/, editing projectdir/LOG, if I go off on a branch, edit projectdir/LOG, and switch back, I lose the log.  The log wants to transcend branches.

I have occasionally tried to work around this by placing all of my log in the ciommit log.  But that's not all that great an idea.

I wahnt as much automated log support, support for tracking personal history, as possible.

E.g. record the fact that I sent an email.

Automatically copy version control commit messages into my overall log.  But, of course, make everything filterable/foldable.

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