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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Multihomed workspaces and repos

I often find myself wanting a "multihiomed" workspace or repo:

E.g. a workspace where I push to one or more places regularly.

E.g. I may push to my personal backup or tracking repo.
But occasionally I need to push to a project master.

This becomes complicated when a meta-project is composed of several subrepos - e.g. the main project source, but also source for libraries and tools.  Then I want to push the whiole meta-project to the meta-project-repo, the main project (which is a subrepo of the meta-project) to the main project master repo, and the tools and libraries sometimes to the meta-project-repo, and sometimes to their respective master repos.

I can do this by hand, if I remember the names.

But I want to create nice default behavior.  Like "push to my backup or m,eta-repo".
And "release all of my changes to rtheir respective providers".

Of course, the respective providers may themselves have flows.


I don't see a standard way in hg.

This is partly why I create the CVS.1 CVS.2 ... dirs, long ago.

For now, I am manually recording the multiple homes in files such as meta-repo/subrepo/hg-paths.

Trouyble is, I may not be allowed to asdd stuff like that to meta-repo/subrepo, since that tree belongs to thwe provider.

So I have had to add the metadata about multihoming elsewhere, e.g.
(I would call it meta-repo/subrepo/hg-paths:subrepo), except I am warned about Windows not liking colons.

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