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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ubiquitous tracking (and versioning)

Sometimes I wish that the whole bloody filesystem was capable of the sort of tracking that a version control system does.

E.g. today I am looking at some saved output files, that I copied from a path I got in email a while back.

But I forgot to record the provenance.  I.e. I forgot to record where I got them from.

It sure would be nice if the fgilsystem remembered that, a few weeks back, I did

   cp -R jffggghggh here

to get this data.


Just recording the commands might be useful.

Full versioning may not be necessary.


Ultimately: log everything?

Apart from the privacy and big brother implications, the real problem with logging everything is the query system.  Just recording all of your commands is NOT very useful, is hard to query.

Want to record, e.g. that command

   cp -R jffggghggh here

executing in directyory a/aa/h/g

produced file here/b/h


Hmm... this is the sort of thing that the automatic build systems do.

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