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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to search within an Outlook message (hint: can't search in preview pane)

Quick stupid Outlook question:

How to search within an Outlook message?  So that I can jump quickly to the details for XXX in a long message.

I guess I could use Outlook Web Access, and just use ^F in my browser.  .. Well, I could, if OWA was working.

But there must be some way to do this in Outlook itself.

(I suspect that I have asked this question before, and forgotten the answer. For the life of me, can't see a button or menu item. Yes, I'm trying helpナ)



F4 to search

- but it doesn't work in the preview or reading pane. Must open the message in a window of its own.

Google works better than MS help.  When something as basic as this needs a help page on about.com, it must be a UserInterface bug.


How to Search Inside a Message in Outlook

Finding messages is easy, accessible and reasonably fast in Outlook, but finding text inside a message I find more challenging. It can be done, though a few detours are involved.

Double-click the message to open it in its own window.
" You cannot search inside a message shown in the Outlook preview pane.


Posting this on my blog so that I can find it quickly.

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