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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Lack of keyword parameters a big cause of programming .... errors, bugs, inefficiency

Sometimes the title says it.

I wonder how much inefficiency has been introduced into programming, how many bugs caused, because positional parameters became the default standard for programming languages long ago.

If not actual bugs because two parameters are flipped in a way that is not detected by the type system, how about inefficiency.  "I can't remember the order of the arguments, so I must look them up..."

Microsoft's IntelliSense helps ... but I'm usually an macs user,  Don't have that.  IntelliSense has almost beenh enough to make me switch.


Bjarne says that keyword parameters almost made it into a C++ standard, and lost only because of legacy C issues. He suggests parameter objects.  Cool.  So, I want to automatically create a parameter object for each and every function.  

Hmm....  I think that I could write a preprocessor that did that, munging the symbol table.

Something like


Unfortunately, parameter names do not get into the symbol table.

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