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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Touchscreens make PDFs almost tolerable

I have long hated reading PDFs on my computer.  Especially 2 column papers. PDFs often require scrolling up and down, back and forth, in order to read.

On a traditional PC or laptop, this requires use of scroolbars and mouse, sometims keys.

The PDF reader, e.g. Acrobat, sometimes allows you to just use arrow down in a text flow, but it often jumps around disconcertingly.

Reading it on my touchscreen tablet makes PDGs almost tolerable.  Direct manipulation to move what I want to look at around is much better tnan scrollimng.

I still wish it was a single directional flow.  But I can live wth this.


I conjecture that if the PDF reader just allowed mosuing to drag around the viewport, like Google maps, it would be better, almost as good as touch.


khb said...

Wasn't so bad on modern macs. The magic mouse or trackpad allow pretty reasonable selection. I agree the touchscreen is better for just reading. But for doing markup, annotation, etc the computer is better. At least if you have a usable one ;>

Anonymous said...

You can scroll around the viewport.
Right-click -> select hand-tool