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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Aargh!! Out of date systems!!!

Aargh!!! I am sick and tired of working on out of date Linux boxes (that I am not sysadmin ion, that I cannot easily update.)

Today's trivial annoyance:

bash prompt \D{strftime format}

doesn't work on the bash 2.05a.0(2) copyright 2001
installed on the machine I am working on at work
works on a more recent ubuntu ...  4.1.5(1) - copyright 2009


Many pf my frioends just maintain their own virtual machines with whatever they depend on
- usually more recent than work - installed.
I must start doing that.

(Last time I tried, I ran out of disk space. Plus, the laptop I can install on is much slower than the workstations I can run on, even though they have old software.)

And then there's the risk that what works in my virtual box won't work on a standard work machine that somebody else is using...


These are trivial annoyances.  But finding failures like this wastes a trivial amount of time.  Many times in any given week.


Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

And again: old version of Perl, 5.6.1.

Doesn't support named capture groups (?...)
in regexps.

But more recent machines do...


Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

Consistent sysadmin saves programmer time.