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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bookmarks need labels, just like Email, tasks, Calendar, ...

Let's see:

* I've tried using my Gmail label system as my To do list. Labels good. Flat labels bad.

* I just had the bright idea of trying to use my Google Chrome bookmarks file as the .. labels, structures, folders ... for tasks and emails and .. whatever.  Whatever has an URL.  Which is a lot of stuff.

Unfortunately, the bookmarks are strict hierarchy. Not labels.


Cor!  Everything needs labels.  Everything needs hierarchical nestable folders. It should be possible to label/tag/categorize everything in the same system.  There should not be separate labels for Gmail that do not do hierarchy well, task lists for Gtask that do not do hierarchy at all, and which only allow one classification; hierarchical folders for Bookmarks.

It should be possible to have ONE system.

Sure, it should be possible to see

  • Technical
    • Computers
      • OS
        • Linux
          • Bookmarked Web Pages
          • Mailing lists
          • To do
but also 

  • Bookmarks
    • Technical
      • Computers
        • OS
          • Linux
  • Mailing Lists
    • Linux [Technical / Computers / OS]
It should not be necessary to duplicate the entire hierarchy, if it is mainly sparse.

Hierarchy is good.  But these are tags.


One system.


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