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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to capture a screen image with transient flyovers in VNC

I usually work in VNC, on a UNIX box, typically from a Windows PC latop.

I occasionally want to capture screen clippings of GUI applications running in VNC.   Problem: often they are transient - any key press, etc., causes what I want to capture to disappear.

Usually on Windows my scren capture tools (Windows 7's snipping tool, or SnagIt) have a keyboard or mouse shortcut that takes priority.  However, apparently VNC managed to install itself underneath, so all keyboard and input events get sent to VNC and Linux and the app.

So here's how to capture such a transient GUI popup or the like in VNC:

VNC has its own shortcut. On my machine, F8.

Press F8. Go to the VNC options menu. Unselect "send keyboard events to server" and "send mouse events to server".  Now enter the screen capture shortcut.  Undo so that VNC works again.

Not nice, but I can use it.  Will have to see whether AutoHotKey is underneath all of these so can shortcut.

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