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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Printing | Capturx

Printing | Capturx: "An initial Capturx purchase includes a large amount of unique digital dot pattern: enough to print more than 6000 8-1/2-x-11 pages or more than 2000 E-sized prints. Dot pattern is like printer toner: it gets used up as you print. Additional dot pattern is available for purchase and download from Adapx."

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Oh, this is cool (in a cruel sort of way): just because AdapX/CapturX can print its dot pattern on regular paper doesn't mean you can buy the pen and use it forever without buying more stuff from AdapX.

Digital razor blades: you have to go back to the source and buy more.  And from their point of view, they don't even have to sell you anything physical: they just sell you the dot patterns.

Cool. And annoying.

I wonder if the dots are a Penrose tiling, or if they just have a numeric unique ID encoded in the dot patterns. (Plus probably a copyright watermark, eh?)

Hmm....  is there a way that you can look at a Penrose tiling printed on a piece of paper, and easily compute your coordinates, where in a sequence of such pages, you are?

(Modulo paper size and resolution, it will repeat.  But not for a long time, depending on the resolution.)

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