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Friday, June 06, 2014

Todo-lists versus task queues

New in my emacs org mode setup:

"TODO-LIST-EMPTY(-!)darkorange"     ;; empty list, waiting for stuff to be added.
;; really, there are 2 different concepts
;; (1) a todo-list - an object that may start empty and be completed
;; (2) a task queue - an object which may repeatedly transition from empty to non-empty to empty to ...
;; We use the same term for both.

E.g. there is a queue of personal items - my personal todolist

Or "to-do today" - really a queue.
Or, more like:

"todo today" is a list, which one hopes may be completed at the end of the day.  but usually is not.

items left over at the end of the day may be moved forward to tomorrow, or next workday.moved to a longer term todo list or tracker. Or abandoned.

Conceptually, todo-today is a view of my overall todo queue - not necessarily a snapshot at a single point in time.

Something like a query "all todo list items from (midnight,midnight], that are on my top priority list, as of the end of the daty (or the current time, if not at end of day)"

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