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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Exchange 2010 SP1 Limits the Number of ActiveSync Devices You Can Synchronize | MobilityDojo.net

Exchange 2010 SP1 Limits the Number of ActiveSync Devices You Can Synchronize | MobilityDojo.net:

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It ain't just "numbr of devices".  I don;t have 10 phones, and I have not tried and discarded phones multiple times.

I "only" have the following devices:

a) my phone

b) one or two iPads

plus one or two laptops and PCs.

No, for me the real problem is not the number of real devices, but the number of different mailreading SW apps I use.

On each of the phones and tablets, I nearly always use two mail reading apps - Microsoft's Outlook.app, and the Zero email app.

Plus I often have several more emails.

Some of these apps share access via Apple's and/or Googles shared accounts.

But some of these apps - often the most innovative - have their own iMAP, rtc., access.

Mutiple apps per device, not sharing authentication => overflow of permitted apps.

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