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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

RESOLVED: Quadro no longer worked after update ... but now it does (8h wild goose chase later)

In the past, I have said
Krazy Glew's Blog: Quadro - I love it when it works, but it is often unreliable:

but I haven't used Quadro in a while.  After I updated to the latest, then I couldn't get it to work at all.

I must really want Quadro, if I am willing to waste all of this time on it.  (So far circa 8 hours.)

****** [10:57 AM] Quadro

Trying to use Quadro again, for email reading.

last night hung.

******* Connection (USB)

Connecting using USB.

(Unfortunately, USB=>iTunes. iTunes was sure I needed an upgrade to iOS 9.2.1, even though I was already on that.  Also wanted a credit card.)

******* Uninstalling, rebooting

This morning, uninstalling on both Mac and iPhone.  Rebooting both.

Connecting using USB.

******* [11:23 AM] Reinstalling

QuadroSync on Mac


Java Runtime Environment... (oh, joy, Java - now THAT makes me feel good about security (NOT)

Installed from Java.com

11:36 PST: now QuadroSync installer is hanging.

Rebooting (again)

12:24 PST: I rebooted 2 or 3 times more.

Along the way, Bill Lee came by for a chat about some issues - maybe half an hour.

But, right now, <12:25 PST>, as "clean" as I can be, I still get a JRELoadError when I try to run the QuadroSync installer.

Googling - many JRELoadError reports with open source Java based software such as ProjectLibre.

I fear that Quadro depends on a particular version of JRE, not the latest.

I have Java Version 8 Update 73 installed - latest from Oracle (java.com)

I will try installing an old version of Apple Java

******* [12:29 PM]]Installing old versions of Apple Java


Download Java for OS X 2015-001

******* [12:42 PM] Old Apple Java does not help -

The old version of Apple Java did not help (after yet another reboot).

Still "JRELoadError"

Uninstalling the old version of Aople Java.  Then I will see if Quadro can run even given the JRELoadError.

Grrr.... uninstalling Java is not clean (Uninstalling anything on Mac is not clean)


    Reply Helpful by Kurt Lang on Jul 26, 2015 1:12 PM

    Believe it or not, the easiest way to uninstall Java 6 is to either restore a backup you made before installing Java 6, or reinstall the OS. Reinstalling the OS always removes the Apple  versions of Java.

    Java 6 installs over 1300 files and folders to numerous locations on the drive. There is no easy way to manually uninstall it, and  Apple doesn't provide an uninstaller.

    Kurt Lang

    Jul 26, 2015 2:12 PM

    in response to Joe Bailey

          I installed the Java 8 Runtime Environment  which overwrote Java 6 obviating any necessity to remove it.

    That is incorrect. Java 6 and 8 can and do exist at the same  time. Java 8 is installed only to the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder in the single package file JavaAppletPlugin.plugin. Java 6 is not. It's all over the place, including hidden folders, and none of it in the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder. So it's not even possible for Java 8 to overwrite 6.

Last login: Wed Feb 24 12:49:11 on ttys001

andy-glew-mbp:~ glew$ java -version
java version "1.8.0_65"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_65-b17)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.65-b01, mixed mode)
andy-glew-mbp:~ glew$

Eventually I did the following:
    ---+ BRIEF
    Java 6 disabled ... blah, blah, blah.
Imperfect. But I hope enough.

Uninstalling Quadro and rebooting and reinstalling again, just in case.

****** [1:19 pm] Trying again  :-(

So, having (re)-disabled Java6, I (re)-install QuadroSync.

I ignore the JRELoadError.

I run Quadro on iPhone.

Clicking QuadroSync on Mac says

"Multiple networks"

- the company landwire Ethernet
- the virtual network between Parallels VM and Mac
- the link between iPhone and Mac

Right now, I am using BlueTooth PAN between iPhone and Maac.

Tried USB, with similar effect.

I will try wifi in a sec

Here is what happens:

Quadro on iPhone says

>Let's get serious   [Me: yes: frigging unprofessional messages]

> Connect your computer and this device to the same network

As stated above, connected via Bluetooth PAN.

I can unplug company network, and still work.

... OK, I've installed QuadroSync ...

> Now connect!
> Select your computer to start

4 blank rectangles, nothing in them

- I wonder if the problem is that I may have disabled some insecure network broadcasts. Bonjour, pr whatever ... ?  [Later: no, not that.]

> Stuck? Try here

I press this last, and get

>Manual Sync
> Find your computer's address on QuadroSync

Click on the QuadroSync mini-icon in menubar


> I'm not connected

> Address IP [Multiple IP Addresses]

... looking at those, 3 nets.  I choose the net, that I know is my iPhone link

Type that info into Quadro on iPhone:

>IP address 172/20.10.4
>Port 6021

Hit Connect.

This time I get the annoying

>QuadroSync connection error
>The daemon in the cellar just shout: 49
>0 - the operation couldn't be complerted. Can't assign requested address

Try it aagain (I thinkl it may have timed out, because I was writing these notes)

Mac reports connnected to AG6i

But Quadro app on iPhone just hangs.
    Spinning crap wheel.

Hitting Cancel
    does nothing

Hitting DONE makes Mac say beep and bloop as if disconnected.

But QuadroSync still says connected to iPhone

And iPhone still spins.

****** 13:43:  Tried changing Port

.. worse off - get the effing "daemon in the cellar shouting" 49.

never actually connect

tried ports 1025 and 6543. interestingly, even worse behavior - although pssibly collisions.

****** <2016-02-24 13:44:13="" 24="" february="" pst="" wednesday="" ww08="">  I must reaklly like Quadro...

I must really want Quadro if I am willing to waste this much time on it.

4 hours today, 1-2 hours last night.

****** <2016-02-24 14:25:17="" 24="" february="" pst="" wednesday="" ww08=""> SUCCESS!!! Quadro works... but ... ????

I finally got Quadro working!!!!
- I disabled all of my Virtual Machine nets and iPhone-to-Mac:BT/USB.
- I unplugged the physical ethernet wires.
- I connected both iPhone and Mac to the same IMG-Staff-BYOD wifi.

And this time the Quadro app saw the QuadroSync MacOS, so I did not have to enter IP addres and port number manually.

I should have tried this much earlier.

I was probably confused

a) by the old pre-update multi-network configuration formerly working, when I entered the IP address manually


b) QuadroSync on the mac reported connected, although Quadro on the iPhone hing.


c) I went on a wild-goose-chase searching for the JRELoadError.

I can probably use Quadro like this.  Not for everything, not if the Windows guest is down.
- I will try to enable the virtual machine network interfaces.
   + DONE: Quadro works.  It is just the tethering interfaces that mess Quadro up.

But it is suboptimal.  I would really like the Quadro iPhone to Mac
traffic to go on a dedicated link, like ethernet over USB or ethernet
over BT or a private wifi, not through a shared wifi.

And, moreover, this will not work if I am using a company provided PC, which is not allowed to connect to the BYOD wifi network.

But I guess it is understandable that Quadro could get confused by
multiple network adapters - on both Mac and iPhone.  (Although it used
to work - what changed?)

Testing: I have ONLY been able to get Quadro working when both iPhone and Macs are clients on the same wifi.

None of the tethered configurations I have tried have yielded a working Quadro Configuration
+ NOT iPhone <--personal-hotspot-bluetooth--> Mac
+ NOT iPhone <--personal-hotspot-usb--> Mac
+ NOT iPhone <--personal-hotspot-wifi--> Mac

But using this "equal privilege" wifi
+ Mac works
  + with "front-end" landline ethernet
    - note: takes a bit of work to prove that the faster landline path is being used
  + with all virtual machine networks running

This is usable at work.

It is suboptimal - e.g. when I am at a restaurant or a plane, I cannot
connect Mac<->iPhone via one of the Personal Hotspot configurations
(USB/BT/Wifi) abd use Quadro.

It is almost enough to make me want to use my old mifi device.  I
wonder if I can use that device just for Mac to iPhone connectivity,
using some other path to the net (and thereby avoid having to pay
another 10$/month to the phone company.

But having to carry a new device around, just so that I can use Quadro in a restaurant, is a pain.

Also: in a restaurant or the like, when travelling, I often have my
phone charging via USB from my laptop. Sure would ne nice to both
charge and send Quadro comm over that wired link.

I sure do wish that Quadro could just use a USB cable or BlueTooth.

It is also possible that the issue is firewalling.  I could certainly
understand a personal hotspot not wanting to allow communication
between the mobile-phone-that-is-the-hotspot, and the
laptop-that-is-tethered.  At least not by default.

But I am pretty damned sure that it has worked in the past.  Plus,
even today and yesterday, Quadrosync on the Mac is able to see the
iPhone. It is just Quadro on the iPhone that hung.

I vaguely remember that I was able to configure a past PC to act as a
hotspot, relaying to whatever wired network it was on.  This would
fill the bill at work.  But not in a restaurant, where I want the
laptop tethered to the phone.

****** 3:27pm   Quadro no longer allows me to enter the IP address and port

1) It is nice that Quadro seems to remember the IP address and port of the Mac.


2) I am a bit worried that it seems to no longer allow me to enter., now thaat the original connection was made.

My network environment changes so often that I will be VERY IMPRESSED if Quadro can handle all of the changes. I sure do hope it is not storing any IP address from session to session.  Not only will the IP addresses change, given DHCP, but storing is a potential security hole.

---+ I am happy now - new Quadro release much improved

I am happy to report that, after finally getting Quadro to work (only seems to want to use peer to peer wifi, won't use personal hotspot)

I am quite happy with the improvements Quadro made in their recent release - circa Feb 15, described in http://blog.quadro.me/new-pad-layout-and-ipad-pro-optimization/, and described by a team member as:

We solved most connectivity issues and added a couple of features to the layout.

I am very happy with the layout changes: just allowing the labels to be displayed under the icon on the small 1x1 button has allowed me to make most of my pads 1x1, and thereby get almost 2x the number of "quick commands" into the same amount of screen space.  Allows me to be much more efficient, and, possibly more important, avoid having to switch to "More..." screens so often (because the bug with key bouncing still persists).

(It is amazing to me that, even though I described many, many, issues, just this small change makes me feel much better about Quadro.  Although.... now I am editing my existing "palettes" - I sure do wish that I could back them up appropriately, e.g. to a text file, so that I could compare changes.


I would say that I am very happy, except that 

0) right at this moment, Quadro on my iPhone is hung.  I was trying to create a new button, and it hung in icon selection.   P.S. at least a few of the bugs in icon selection that I described in my original blog posts are still present, in addition to this hang..

1) the fact that it took me almost 8 hours to get Quadro on iPhone and QuadroSync on mac connected indicates that not all of the connectivity issues are solved.   (Although I will admit that once I decided to start from scratch, rather than use the same configuration that used to work, the connectivity was much improved. I still wish I could use it when I am roaming, e.g. at a restaurant, trying to use my phone as a personal hotspot, rather than risking public wifi.)

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Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

feb 26:

"roaming" - I don't want to use a public wifi for Quadro - not until I know ih and how well Quadro is secured crptographivally.

Settng up personal hotspot, aka tethering.

t first, Quadro did not work

Disabled all but on network.

Quadro worked, after manually typing in IP address.