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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Blogger.com reports that the Chrome browser on iOS is unsupported.

Both are Google, right?

It is increasingly obvious that Google's blogger / blogspot platforms are not well supported, even by Google.

Annoyingly, I chose to use Google products such as blogger and plus/circles because I figured that Google was less likely to evaporate than so many other web.here-today-gone-tomorrow.COMpanies. But since Google has started seriously deprecating so many old apps, this heuristic applies much less.

Still... Google has so far been pretty good about warning and giving time to migrate when they remove a service.  If only those emails were not classified as unimportant or spam - by Gmail.  ;-}

I need to script up a cron job to periodically back up all of my Google  state. To avoid the rush when they deprecate a service.

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