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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Personal Blocklist by Google - Google Search

Personal Blocklist by Google - Google Search: "Personal Blocklist Keeps the Sites You Hate Out of Your Google ..."

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My review:

Good idea, lousy implementation.

Amongst problems: it is far too easy to accidentally block a website - e.g. I just accidentally clicked "Block wikipedia", trying to actually go to wikipedia in search results.

(And wasted time googling "How do I unblock a website in Chrome?", many false leads, until I just reset all of my extensions.)

Typical Google: interesting concept, lousy user-unfriendly UI. Humans occasionally click on the wrong link - there must be a way to repair.

Would be nice to have an extra question "Are you sure you never want to see Wikipedia again in Google search results?"

Would be nice to be able to see list of blocked sites, and edit.

Plus problems such as @EduPimentel mentions, only visually blocking, not replacing with other sites.  (I.e, only filtering, not biasing search.)

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