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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Problem Gluing Outlook to AutoHotKey – Customer Feedback for Nurgo Software

Problem AquaSnap Gluing Outlook to AutoHotKey – Customer Feedback for Nurgo Software (AquaSnap tiling window manager):

Problem Gluing Outlook to AutoHotKey using AquaSnap

---+ BRIEF

 App windows like Outlook do not have AquaMagnet attraction to my AutoHotKey GUI windows, although the AutoHotKey window is magnetically attracted to Outlook. AquaGlue does not work between these windows.

Q: is this a known problem?

 Q: are there particular settings of the AutoHotKey window that make it visible to AquaSnap?

 ---+ DETAIL

 Not a feature request - more like a problem that I am hoping somebody has already solved.

I just purchased AquaSnap and TidayTabs, with one primary motivation:

I have written an AutoHotKey GUI script that creates an AHK GUI window that contains buttons that are shortcuts for associated applications. E.g. I have on of these AHK "button pads" with shortcuts for Outlook - touch buttons like Archive, file to particular hi/lo priority folders, etc.

I call this AHK-gUIx-SEBP. AHK=AutoHotKey (I have versions in Python, and probably soon in JavaScript). gUIx - Graphical User Interface eXtension. SEBP = Self Editing ButtonPad.

Usually I use this with Outlook on an external monitor, and the AHK buttonpad window on my Surface Book touchscreen. Rather like a MacOS TouchBar, except on steroids, and editable by me, on the fly.

But sometimes I want to use this with both Outlook and the gUIx-SEBP window on the same screen, with no external monitor. In which case I want all of the tliling window manager goodness that something like AquaSnap can provide.

E.g. I want Outlook to occupy most of the screen, with the AHK-gUIx-SEBP in a narrow strip on the right. (Or left. Or top. Or bottom.) Draggable to change the amount of space dedicated to each window.

 Here's the probem that I hope that some AquaSnap user has already figured out:

Resizing my AHK-gUIx-SEBP window gets AquaSnap's magnetically attracted to the Outlook window. But not vice versa - the Outlook window does not get magnetically attracted to the AHK-gUIx-SEBP window. AquaSnap glue does not work. And I cannot grab the edge and have both resized together.

This may well be caused by particular settings of the AutoHotKey window. It does not appear in task bar, but in the notification area. It is optionally AlwaysOnTop, semitransparent for the usual reasons.

I can play around with AHK settings and see if I can make it work with AquaSnap, but I can hope that somebody has already done so, and save me some time."

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1 comment:

Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

I get scared of malware whenever I install software like this AquaSnap tiling wincdow manager - software that by its nature can see much of what I am doing. AutoHotKey is eve worse...

I am also scared when I post publicly saying I am using such software.