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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"Microsoft SurfBook 3-finger taps"

Krazy Glew's Blog: What Else I have Tried: "Microsoft SurfBook 3-finger taps"

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The Surface Book Precision Touchpad can be configured to supposedly

emit {MButton}, the middle button, for a 3 finger tap.

This is the only key mapping available for the touchpad;

all of the other mappings go straight to Windows 10 GUI shell functions.

My trackball is also configured to emit MButton when BL+BR are pressed.

This is commonplace - often on a mouse left+right=>middle

It is unfortunate that the touchpad can only emit MButton in a remappable way,

since MButton has certain standard definitions.

 E.g. "normal" uses of MButton, e.g. in xterm

  •  MiddleMouse ==> paste PRIMARY selection
  •  Ctrl+MiddleMouse ==> select to clipboard or show alternate screen

But, we are lucky!!!!

Actually the SurfBook Touchpad 3-finger "MButton"

is <#<+<+{F22}{MButton};

I thought at first to use this as a filter,

but even better[*] just hooking <#<+<+{F22}{MButton};

filters out the {MButton}.

I conjecture this is srelated to timing and buffering.

I conjecture it is fragile.

But, for now, I can bind Touchpad 3-finger to a menu. NAV_MENU_fn

and pass Trackball MButton through unaffected

elsewhere, in click+hold.ahk, I bind X1 doubleclick-hold to the same NAV_MENU_fn

The Surface Book Precision Touchpad

can be configured to supposedly emit {MButton}, the middle button, for a 3 finger tap.

actually, it emits:  LWin+LControl+LShift+F22, and then MButton

     5B  05B a d 0.88 LWin

     A2  01D a d 0.02 LControl

     A0  02A a d 0.00 LShift

     85  06D a d 0.00 F22

     85  06D a u 0.00 F22

     A0  02A a u 0.00 LShift

     A2  01D a u 0.00 LControl

     5B  05B a u 0.00 LWin

     04  000 h d 0.00 MButton

     04  000 a u 0.00 MButton

and in my present AutoHotKey c onfigurationthe MButton disappears - probably because of all of the zero latencies.

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