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Saturday, April 07, 2018

WISH: pictures in version control system logs

More and more I am wanting to be able to embed pictures everywhere.  Typically bitmaps, screen clips - but vector pictures if ... they efer become uniquitous.  Colors. Colored text also nice.


For example, I just checked into .gitconfig some aliases to prettify my got log output. It sure woyuld be nice to be able to show the pretty colors.

Similarly, I would like to embed suich colored examples in the comments for programs.,

No, links to image files do not cut it.  Anyone who thinks that does not understand version control, divergence, consistency.  You may think that images are overkill - that I will accept as a legitimate position, but one that I disagree with more and more - but

Links do not cut it - unless the links are "local inside an archive file".  More and more thinking in terms of any interesting file being an archive, e.g. a tar file, with perhaps a default .txt or other "primary".   With "links to files" that are neighboring in the archive.

Archive files, and directories for that matter, are the natural objects of UNIX derived filesystems.  Pity that their atomicity is not enforced, on systems like MacOS.

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