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Friday, December 26, 2008

Disabling Verisign / FingerPrint

Oh, I forgot to mention: one of the biggest timewasters while moving my wife's iPod and iTunes tioher new PC was that, somehow, the process of signing her up with iTunes resulted in Internet Expolorer going into a frenzy, forking new windows, whenever I (actually, she) signed into Google mail.

I suspect because I put Apple and Gmail into IE's "Trusted Sites" list to make Apple's iTunes password recovery email click through.

Anyway... by the time I worked through that, not only had I undone the Trusted Site settings, but I had also uninstalled the Verisign Identity software that managed the fingerprint reader, preinstalled on the PC.

I'm a little bit sad, because I really liked the fingerprint reader. It makes Vista's constant "authenticate as an administrator" tolerable.

But, the Verisign software went beyond fingerprint. It wanted to be single signon for all websites, and was quite obnoxious. Worse, while I figured out how to disable this behavior for an administrator account, it would not let my wife's non-admin account disable.

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