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Friday, December 26, 2008

Apple Store account management - NOT

As mentioned in the iPod blog, I ended up signing my wife up for an Apple Store account, when she already had a different iTunes Apple ID.

Since only the latter is required, to ensure authorization of iTunes music files to a limited number of PCs, I would like to delete the other account.

Worse, while thrashing to try to get my wife's iTunes purchases authorized, I entered a credit card number into the second, bogus, account. So now I have a bogus account with a valid credit card number.

I would like to delete the bogus account, or at least the credit card number.

Apple, apparently, has no way of doing so.

Apple Store support chat says that the account should time out if unused. But they cannot answer how long that will take. And they warn me that checking the account status will reset the timeout clock.

Q: will Apple indemnify me if the account is broken into?

Apparently, once you have entered credit card info, there is no way to remove it, except by replacing it with another valid credit card number.

Hmm... perhaps I need to use a one-time credit card number that will immediately expire.


No need. I can garbage the login and password, and Apple seems to allow me to enter blanks for the credit card number. Not quite as confidence inspiring as a "Delete my CC info" button, but, I hope, good enough (although I have this nagging feeling...)


But more: there is no way to log out of the Apple store.

Sure, Apple pages are uncluttered. By omitting necessary, although perhaps rarely used, functionality.

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