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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I switched the site that I keep my resume and CV on to Google Docs: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcxddbtr_6dvpxg2cj

Hitherto it was on geocities. I have left the geocities site around, with forwarding: http://www.geocities.com/andrew_f_glew, but I will no longer update it. Actually, I haven't updated it in years, since it was too painful.

It's a little bit sad. The Geocities/Yahoo site gives me reasonable URLs, while the Google site gives me ugly, goobledeygook, URLs. But the Google site is much easier to use for me, the content creator.

Also, the annoyance: I retargeted links from my LinkedIn pages, but there will probably be other stale links around that I will not retarget.


More annoyance: as I say above, I had not updated the Geocities site in years. And, apparently, I had not read any email at the corresponding yahoo account in years. I had completely forgotten about it.

Yahoo won;t let me forward email as it comes in, or use POP, or even bulk forward a mass of email - so the email accumulated there will moulder. Pity - I saw some email from friends I had fallen out of touch with.

But at least Yahoo allowed me to put a vacation message on it. Although I will have to remember to extend the vacation once every few years.

Moral: don't use a web based service, such as a webhost or webmail, unless you can automate getting your data off,

Hmm... how hard is it to download all of my Google data? Mail? Blogs? Docs?

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