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Friday, June 26, 2009

Am I paranoid, or is this unacceptable?

I'm quite reluctant to blog about this, because it makes me seem crazy. Paranoid.

But: my computer is really slow. Lots of examples documented on this bog. 15 minutes to come out of standby. Pauses of minutes in the middle of writing a document. Etc. Etc.

I cannot imagine that most other employees suffer this slowness. I cannot imagine this being accepted by a wide number of people.

I can imagine that my computer might be slowed down by security software. Not just virus scanners, but possibly keyboard loggers or network traffic recorders or the like. Possibly installed by corporate security or IT or legal. I hope not malware. It often seems to run more slowly after I have blogged in public as I am doing now.

If this is the case, well: I understand that my employer has the right to monitor everything I do on my work computers. I agreed to it. It is US law.

I just wish that it did not impact my productivity so much by slowing down my computer so much.

And if I am being falsely paranoid, if these slowdowns are not the result of monitoring and security software, if other employees experience substantially the same slowdowns: WHY IS THIS TOLERATED!!!!!

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