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Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogging from ISCA: couldn't keep up

I couldn't keep up. Not only is my typing limited, but my laptop PCs could not keep up.

I am not a touch typist, although I am a very fast hunt and pecker. It's not clear how much value there is to stream of consciousness blogging while I am watching a talk. Why not just get the slides from the speaker? There's value in recording answers to audience questions and off the cuff remarks that won't be on slides. But it is not clear that I will not be hurting myself by making such recordings. E.g. the remarks by HP's Kauffman about Intel's Atom in datacenters.

My company provided HP 8530 laptop is fast enough. When it is up. But when it takes 15 minutes to come out of a power save mode (as mine just did), it is darned easy to miss most of a 20 minute talk.

My OLPC XO is fast enough, and comes out of standby more quickly. I ran into a problem with fairly large text files - at a certain file size it slowed down to a crawl. Even slower than my work PC.

Anyway, enough excuses. My attempt to blog ISCA was not a success. Too bad.

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