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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Digital Pen for 3x5 index cards

I'd be relatively happy if the digital pen that I would like to buy would just email me the image.

Sure, I'd like to interface to good software to manage such images.  But I doubt that there is any good software.

AdapX's connection to Microsoft OneNote would be nice.  I like many aspects of OneNote.  Except that it is so much NOT what I am using these days.

Hmm....  if OneNote was in the cloud, and on a Windows phone ... that might be enugh reason to buy a Windows phone.

Although talk about data liberation (NOT).


Digital pen to Evernote might almost be okay.  

But digital pen to email might be good enough.


Wish that the digital pen could also take pictures.


Anonymous said...

But OneNote has cloud synchronisation and it's built in Windows Phone and there is OneNote for Android (buggy) and iOS. Still mobile versions are very limited in functionality...

Andy "Krazy" Glew said...

AFAIK OneNote can only be synchronized to Microsoft's cloud. There is no easy way to get all of that info out and onto my own storage. I.e. there is no data liberation story for OneNote.

Also AFAIK OneNote's sharing abilities in the cloud are limited. AFAIK you can only share with other OneNote users.

Heck, even if MS provided the ability to view cloud OneNote pages as web pages, it would suck to have to deal with yet another access control system. I can barely tolerate Google Circles. One of the big reasons I don't use FaceBook much is that it has yet another identity and access control system. To have to deal with still another such system for Microsoft OnLine.

Now, if Microsoft surprised me and used identi.ca, then that might be reason to use OneNote online.